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Essential Supplies is a garment accessories sourcing company from world’s second largest RMG manufacturing country Bangladesh, based in capital city Dhaka. It is an entirely integrated & independent unit that process and source quality garments accessories.


  • Garments Tissue Paper
  • BOPP Gum Tape
  • Main Label, Care Labe, Size Label
  • Poly
  • Barcode Printing
  • Tipping Metal
  • Zipper
  • Elastic Straps

  • Drawstring
  • Twill Tape
  • Hanbg tag
  • and many more

We have been catering to all over the world. The wide range of our products marks our strong presence in the garments industry. From initial stage to end product, every stage goes through proper quality checks never allowing any flaw in the product. Our quality control technique ensures the finest Draw cords every time. With highly advance Machines, we strive to create the most beautiful and innovative designs, in all types of garment Accessories. We aim to make our organization worldwide successful and increase annual turnover.

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